• J. Michael Brock PLLC, we seek to provide our clients in Bowie County, Northeast Texas, and Southwest Arkansas effective and comprehensive legal representation in handling their legal matters. New Boston native, Mike Brock (pictured center-right) has been serving the legal needs of Bowie County and Northeast Texas for over three decades, and with the recent addition of New Boston native Cade Mayo (pictured center-left), will continue to do so into the future. Also pictured are legal assistants Barbie Bray (far left) and Kelli Capps (far right).

    • Family law has been a cornerstone of our practice, ensuring that clients receive a fair and equitable division of property in divorces and also protecting the best interest of children, and sometime grandchildren, of our clients in Suits Affecting the Parent Child Relationship.

    • Not every estate is the same, and fortunately Texas provides a wide variety of probate options in dealing with differently situated estates.  Our experience in navigating probate teamed with the options provided by state law allow us to handle your loved ones estate as painlessly and cost effectively as possible.  

    • We can help to ensure that your estate passes pursuant to your wishes and is as little of a burden on your surviving loved ones as possible, and with our experience, we can help you plan for eventualities you may not anticipate.

    • Property law is complex and archaic, but our firm has nearly four decades of experience in resolving property issues whether they be a disputed border between neighboring property owners, adverse possession claims, handling owner financed conveyances or preparing simple deeds.